Muhammadiyah: The Difference is not a Factor of Social Disintegration

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Sunday24 – Muhammadiyah appealed to all communities to maintain harmony ahead of election day local elections simultaneously on Wednesday (02/15/2017) day after tomorrow.

It is said the General Secretary Abdul Mu’ti Muhammadiyah Central Executive in a press conference held at the office of Muhammadiyah, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday (02/13/2017).

According Mu’ti, political dissent should be respected and not used as a tool for hostile, because it will be able to divide the unity. “All citizens should maintain unity and harmony, that difference is not a factor of political choice cracking and social disintegration in the life of the nation,” said Mu’ti.

He also urged Muhammadiyah use their voting rights to elect the leaders regions noble, trustworthy, honest, clean, competent, close to the people, and cares about the development of propaganda and the struggle of Muslims.

In addition, continued Mu’ti, Muhammadiyah also asked the organizers, including the security forces to remain neutral and provide security and peace during local elections take place.

“Concurrent elections should be the process and mechanisms of democratic politics and dignified in selecting the best regional leader and set an example for the life of the nation,” he said.

There are 101 regions that will host the democratic party. Details, 7 province will hold gubernatorial election; 18 cities and 76 districts held elections. (Fel)


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